AECAC’s official seat is in Brussels, Rue F. Pelletier 82, B-1030.

The Secretariat is currently based in Barcelona (Spain): Plaza Bonanova 4, 1º-1ª, Barcelona 08022, Spain.

The position of AECAC president is currently held by Mr. Yves GOLLETY, who also currently holds the position of President of the French association of Gun Retailers “Chambre Syndicale Nationale des Armuriers”

The position of AECAC’s Vice-President is held by Mr. Helmut KREMSER, member of the Board of the German Gun retailers association, “Verband Deutscher Büchsenmacher und Waffenfachhändler e.V.”

The Secretary-General is Mr. Víctor FABREGAT, Secretary-General of the Spanish gun retailers association “Asociación de Armerías ACACE”.

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